Fridge Magnet Puzzle: Make 1000s of Designs with Colourful Magnetic Circles (400 Magnets + 100 Puzzle Book)


  • Create any design you like by arranging colourful magnetic circles on a Fridge. 1000s of designs possible – we’ve given you 100 designs here to help you get started but 1000s of designs can be made with these circles and only your imagination is the limit!
  • The best part – Preserving your creation or dismantling it is equally easy! Your creation will stay as-it-is since the circles are magnetic & you can easily show it to your friends and family later.Want to make something else ? Just ‘wipe’ off all the circles with your hands, put them back into the zip pouch and start with a blank canvas!
  • Fridge Magnet Puzzle improves kids’ understanding of objects around them & enhances their creativity.
  • As kids pick, place & move these small circles, their fine motor skills & hand-eye co-ordination improves. Kids get a confidence boost when they create & showcase something
  • Contents: 400 Magnetic Circles(10 Colours), Booklet with 100 puzzles, Zip pouch

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