Draw invisible images on white paper with white crayon and reveal the images after painting over them.

Supplies Needed
  • White drawing paper or construction paper
  • White crayon or oil pastel
  • Poster paint
  • Paint brush
1. Draw a picture.

Use white crayon or oil pastel to draw lines, shapes, patterns, or an entire picture on a sheet of white construction paper or drawing paper. It is important to use regular crayons, not the washable type. Make the strokes as heavy as you can so that they show clearly after being painted over.

2. Prepare the paint.

Prepare different colors of  poster paint on a palette or in small containers. Add water so that the paint’s consistency is slightly thin or watery. Mix well.

3. Paint your picture.

Paint a small section of your picture. Watch as the white lines magically appear against the colored paint. The lines, which were made using wax or oil-based crayon, naturally resist the water-based paint.

4. Let the picture dry.

Continue painting the entire paper to complete your crayon resist picture. When done, set your picture aside to dry.

Easy peasy, wasn’t it? Make more if you like! Don’t forget to check out more ideas below.

More Ideas
Use different colors of paint.

Use multiple colors of paint for an interesting effect. You can paint neat rows or patterns of paint or apply paint in random splashes.

Practice alphabet and numbers.

Make crayon resist number pictures as a fun way to practice writing numbers. Early learners can write the numbers with colored crayons so that they clearly see the strokes they draw.

Practice writing alphabet letters, spell some words, or write your name. You can also draw a picture with some words to describe the picture.

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