Finding things for kids to do during the current lockdown can be tough. Kids are full of energy and require some activity constantly or else they can get tough to handle.


So we thought to compile some interesting activities that you can ask kids to do to keep them engaged. And yes they do help your kids stay away from smartphones and TV!


 1. Putting their imagination on paper

Just give your kids plain paper, pencil and some colours. Let them do whatever they like. They can draw, scribble, sketch or simply colour it. Trust me, kids are going to enjoy it! And the best part, they can do this all without your supervision.

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2. Trash Art

Find some recycled materials and let your kids paint them. Kids love painting random objects and making beautiful creations from them.

3. Box Road

Flatten out a box and draw a road in marker. Add blocks, trucks and other toys for kids to build a city.


4. Sticky Match-Up

Draw shapes, letters, numbers, words or math problems on sticky notes and hide them around the house for your child to find. Then have the child match them up on a “key” that hangs on the wall.

5. Reading

It’s the best habit your kid can have! Encourage them to read books according their age. In case you don’t have books with you, find some good stories from the internet for them. Make sure they take frequent breaks if they are reading online. Reading will engage kids for longer periods without your supervision. Go for it!

6. Engage them in household activities

Assign them simple house hold tasks like segregating the grocery or cleaning up their room. You can also give a tour of your kitchen and help them identify different ingredients.


7. Story Writing

Ask your kid to write a story! You can give them picture based on which they have to write the story or you can give them a phrase on which they have to write a short story (say 100 words). This is a perfect activity to improve upon their language skills and also fire up their imagination.

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